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Anti-virus protection that automatically updates to protect you from continually evolving threats. As hackers develop new techniques, AVG’s research labs are constantly processing web data to provide new defenses to keep you automatically protected. For more information, contact AVG technical support phone number 1800-798-8320.

Get on with your surfing and gaming without interference. Scans operate when you are away from your PC, and it also knows when you are gaming and ensures that the security operates in the background only, leaving you free to play.For more information, contact AVG technical support phone number 1800-798-8320.

Files are checked before you download them without you having to do a thing. AVG Anti-Virus will also protect you when exchanging files through popular instant messaging like MSN and Yahoo.

With AVG protecting your system, you can chat and message your friends on Facebook and other social networks in the knowledge that each web page and link is checked for safety. You won’t pick up a malicious link from your friends – and you won’t send one either. For more information, contact AVG Antivirus Technical Support Phone Number 1800-798-8320.

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So whether you use the web for the official purpose or personal work install the AVG antivirus in your computer to gives comprehensive protection to your computer from various viruses, malicious software and Trojans. Call AVG customer support for any kind of technical assistance regarding AVG Antivirus.

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As developers have started to devise better and stricter security software, hackers have become more aggressive, using different methods in order to gain access to private information of individuals and corporates.

Today, cyber criminals have ditched the technique of online hacking and have started focusing on hacking people; though strategies are not very sophisticated but very simple appearing legitimate and untraceable. Considering the threat such hacking practice poses, taking precaution against these is very important.

The recent news on the scandal about hacking of mails at SONY is an eye opening example and reminder about the practices followed by hackers to access the most confidential information about organizations and people involved.

Mentioned below are the three threats that IT professions all over the world should know about and take precautionary measures against:

Visual hacking

This method of hacking involves visually capturing the confidential, private and sensitive information for illegal usage. Since, hackers need only small information to create a data breach on large scale, corporates should take extra precaution against such visual attack.

Insider Threat

Every company should be very cautious while hiring an employee, especially if it is for an IT industry organization. The employees should be made aware of malicious practice followed by hackers to gain access to vital information. Moreover, employees using the organizations devices or with access to company network through BYOD can also leak data with full knowledge.

Corporations should take stricter measures to protect the confidential information of the company by educating the employees about such threats and making harder organizational rule.

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