What does AVG Zen do?

Therefore, the users are at freedom to pick either of these two, the the one which serves the best aim.


Antivirus software are known to be getting a lot of system resources; especially the memory and CPU. While the modern PCs aren’t really damaged, the older ones are easily impacted by performance lag. During our assessments, AVG and Avast both antivirus seemed to have done well. AVG will take 32 seconds while Avast takes 28 during the first boot of House windows OS on a computer that has HDD as the primary storage device. This difference is very minor and negligible.

User friendliness

AVG features a new Zen UI for remote control management of AVG-protected devices; and an initial lite for basic controls. Even though there’s a whole whole lot of buttons, dials and options in the first screen of AVG Anti virus, it still looks fine.

Avast UI is very clean and neat on the other hand. There is no clutter of control keys or dials in the first window, rather a ‘Run SmartScan’ button which initiates a simple scan of the boot drive (e. g. C drive). Every the options are offered as tabs on the very best pane, the bottom lite shows ads. User aren’t but they have to tolerate advertising on both these antivirus platforms; free limitations. http://avgantivirustech.com/

System Requirements

You need to have at least Pentium 4 CPU and 256 MEGABYTES of RAM to run either of these malware programs. All Windows version above Windows 98 is supported. The installation will take around 1 ) 5GB storage space.


AVG and Avast; both are great free antivirus options. AVG is our personal favorite, but Avast is no less in any manner. http://avgantivirustech.com/avg-antivirus-services/


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